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Malta in Summer
Jan 02nd, 2023
Summers in Malta is what our tiny little rock in the Mediterranean is known for. With warmth and sunshine starting in May, averaging at around 25 °C. Reaching highs of 35 °C in the hottest month, August, which makes it the perfect beach weather. All you need is a refreshing drink, sand and to enjoy the sun on one of our many beaches. So, why not enjoy the sun and have a learning experience as an intern at the same time? With plenty of opportunities around the island, from Front Office work to HTML / CSS Developers, there's bound to be something just for you. Here are our 5 reasons... + continue reading
Jul 24th, 2019
You want to take on an internship but you’re broke. Have you considered applying for a grant? Why would I need a grant? There are various grants and loans that are accessible to you when you begin your internship journey, including EU and governmental internship sponsorship schemes such as Erasmus+. Obtaining a grant gives you the opportunity to take on an internship in an entirely new country. You will receive great professional experience in your chosen field, as well as the fundamental experience of living and working in a different country and culture. You might even have the chance... + continue reading
European Internships Malta
Jan 14th, 2019
People from all EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland can live and work in Malta.   Before moving to Malta, it is recommended to contact the Internships Malta team to learn more about living and working in Malta and to obtain information on any preparatory work that should be carried out to ensure a smooth transition. Once the jobseeker moves to Malta, he has the right to register as unemployed with Jobsplus.   For more information, please visit the Initial Registration page. Individuals will also be assigned a job counsellor to assist... + continue reading
Non-EU working Visa Malta
Dec 07th, 2018
Non-EU Students can now Study English and Work in Malta If you’re from outside the EU and would like to study English and work in Malta, we have great news. The Maltese government has recently changed the law to allow non-EU students to work while they are studying in Malta. This change will make long-term study in Malta much easier for citizens of many countries: Russia, Brazil, Columbia, Ukraine, China, Korea, Japan and many more. How to Study English and work in Malta First you need to book your English course and accommodation. Get a visa if you need one; citizens of... + continue reading
5 Motivating Points to do an Internship in Malta
Nov 02nd, 2018
Completing your very own internship can stand out among the best choices you’ve ever taken. Many young people will avoid the risk and take on temporary jobs near home. However, if you’re searching for a genuine experience that includes traveling and getting a glimpse of life in another country, you've come to the right place. We’ve put together an assortment of reasons why Malta is a superb destination for an internship. 1. Solid Internship Regulations Malta maintains a solid legal system to guarantee that all internships are organised appropriately and provide genuine benefits to... + continue reading